On the Bright Side: Exam Week x Influenza

With two final exams this week, getting a nasty flu was definitely not on my to-do list… However, by taking numerous naps and keeping curled up in cozy blankets, I’ve managed to get a fair bit of studying in. Although, I’ve had some motivation.


Due to a high fever, all I’ve been wanting is ice water and frozen blueberries, but this hot chocolate was a nice treat.


And how could I not stay awake with this sweet face looking up at me…


And this sweet face… ☺️


There are also only 33 days until I leave for Europe!


I’m certainly not of the wellbeing to start packing, but just looking at my suitcase is giving me the inspiration to push through this week!

And before Europe…



I get to visit one of my favourite places this weekend – praying I’m well enough to enjoy it!

My motto this week:


For me this has meant allowing my body and mind the rest it needs, while pushing myself to fight through the flu and the preparations for my finals this week.

What does it mean for you?

Well, I’m proud to say that I only have one final left. At 1pm tomorrow, I will be free – to have a nap that is!

Wish me luck and keep on smiling!



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