Are We Home Yet?


 Just when our tour director was in the midst of announcing a surprise river cruise down the Seine for our final night, his phone rang.  Surprise: Lufthansa is on strike and your flight is cancelled!  Cue river cruise and Eiffel Tour Light Show cancellations and enter overnight bus ride to Frankfurt.  With a 2 am gas station stop for my new obsession of paprika Pringles and a chocolate milk the ride wasn’t terrible.  Little sleep was achieved and many playlists rang on, but we have finally made it to the Frankfurt airport.  Four hours until my flight home and plenty of time to grab breakfast and do some last minute shopping!  I’m a tad disappointed that we didn’t get the chance to enjoy the river cruise, or my favourite part of Paris, the light show at the Tour Eiffel.  But as they say, leave something to come back to.  

Maybe I’ll start planning the next trip? 


Ciao for now, and stay tuned for future  Travel posts!




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