It’s in you to give.

Did you know that a leukemia patient requires an average of 8 blood bags a week?  Or that someone in a serious car accident can need up to 50 bags?  Blood donations are needed across Canada and as CBS preaches: it’s in you to give.

Donating blood has been a goal of mine for about a year now; a goal which I was finally able to realize following my seventeenth birthday a few weeks ago!  The whole process takes about one hour and the staff treats you like royalty your entire visit. And to those afraid of needles: you barely feel a thing – just the tiniest pinch. Plus, at the end you get juice and cookies. Deal breaker right there.

I truly urge you to spend an hour of you day ever two months to give this gift that can save someone’s life.  This is a donation that doesn’t require money or training; it simply asks for your time.

It's in you to give. - Blood Use Stats

For more details on donating and local donor clinics, see the Canadian Blood Services website.

How have you helped someone today?




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