The 2015 Christmas Tree Hunt

Today, we went to the Dogwood Christmas Tree Farm to cut down our Christmas tree!  This is an annual tradition with my family – one that we look forward to each year.


We picked the tallest and bushiest tree!IMG_1622

The rain couldn’t stop us from picking out our perfect tree!  In fact, it made puddles, which my Hunter boots and I just couldn’t resist jumping in!


I tried to assist in sawing down the tree, but my hood kept getting in the way and I couldn’t find the trunk…


So my job transformed into holding the tree…  Which didn’t last long.


Let’s have Lauren hold the tree that we cut upright while we take a nice photo.  *Cue Lauren dropping the tree*.  Tomorrow’s going to be an arm day at the gym.


Oh well, it made for good photos.  So can we say I meant to drop it?


Shout out to my madre who was the amazing photographer and videographer throughout the tree sawing process.  She captured all the right moments!  Also notice I am holding the tree…  I told you I meant for it to fall!


Up on the SUV!  We counted 37 trees on vehicles today.  38 including ours!  And of course my mom and I stressed the entire ride home that it was going to fall off…  I should never question my dad’s intricate tree-tying.  IMG_1684

A trip to Fort Langley for the Christmas tree is never complete without lunch at Wendel’s.  We all warmed up inside with our favourite French onion soup!  And for dessert, a coconut nanaimo bar!


The tree’s drying out tonight in the garage, but our stockings are up and the decorations are ready for tomorrow!

What are your favourite Christmas traditions?




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