Friday Favourites

Today was my last day of high school classes – ahhhh!  I’m so ready to move on to bigger, better things and was thrilled to hear the bell ring one last time.  Although I will admit that the day has kickstarted a few fluttery feelings in my gut.  I’m celebrating the end of exams and my high school life with a Dairy Queen sundae, Finding Dory and a few of my favourite favourites from the week.

Favourite Workout Video (PlyoJam Sexy Butt Workout):


Favourite Quotes: * Cue the thrilled/relieved/nostalgic/anxious tears *

%22And so the adventure begins%22%22It's the oldest story in the world...%22

Eleanor Roosevelt

Dream Destinations (26 days until I leave for these beautiful places – and a couple more!):

Notting Hill Door

Notting Hill, London, England

Nerja Spain

Nerja, Costa del Sol, Spain

Favourite Bite (Sunflower Seed, Kale and Cherry Salad with Savoury Granola by Half Baked Harvest):

Half Baked Harvest Salad.jpg

What’s inspired you this week?




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