Nanaimo 2016

All graduated and done with exams, my pre-school friend and I were taken by our moms on a surprise getaway – surprise meaning we didn’t know where we were going until we got there.  The nameless destination made it a tad difficult to pack, even for one night!  The morning of, when we took the exit towards Tsawwassen, we figured it out; Nanaimo was the location where we’d be spending the next couple of days.  It was both wistful and exciting to be staying at the very resort that we had both frequented as children.


Of course, before even getting there we had to hit up Coombs, the market famous for its goats on the roof!  They’d built a new building for the ice cream shop since I’d last visited.


There was the most adorable little shop with these gorgeous flower crowns beside it.


Nostalgia – when I tasted that bubble gum ice cream I used to devour as a kid.


Again for old-times sake, chicken strips and fries at the little Coombs restaurant.


I had lots of fun hanging out with my crab friends and frolicking – literally – at the beach.

Somehow climbing this was easier when we were little.

Wearing: Zara Shoulderless Top // American Eagle Shorts // Aldo Sunglasses // Aritzia Shirt // Lululemon Shorts // Lululemon Tank 

I had so much fun on the little getaway!  Sometimes a couple of days is all you need to recharge.  Now only eight days until the big trip!

Any ideas where I’m off to?




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