London 07.14.16

London!  I’ve dreamt of visiting England since I was little, so to actually be there was beyond belief.  I never tired of exploring the city and its fascinating history and culture.  There was truly something around every corner that was worth seeing.  And lucky us, we visited “gloomy and rainy London” during a heat spell!  The rain jacket that took up a quarter of my suitcase – its only use was as a pillow!

I was surprised at how much London reminded me of Vancouver – without the mountains and the ocean, of course!  Especially St. James’ Park, with runners, picnickers and lots of wildlife scurrying around.


Minus the red telephone booths.  You don’t see those in Vancouver!  Silly me thought that they’d all just be for show now…  haha, turns out that they’re all still in use!


And this just covers our first few hours in London!  We had tons more adventures over the next few weeks that I’ll be sharing as soon as I have the time.  Olympics and pre-university jitters have got a lot of my time occupied at the moment 🙂

Also, pardon the fact that I’m wearing a Lululemon sports bra as a crop top.  Haha, insomnia on a 10 hour journey can do crazy things to a girl 🙂

Wearing: Zara Skirt // Lululemon Sports Bra //  Nike Roshe One White Runners // Tiffany & Co Necklace




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